Device Management

Boost data adoption and usage, maximize customer experience

 Boost data adoption & usage, maximize customer experience

Gemalto Device Management automatically detects and configures all mobile devices, including LTE and multi-SIM. It easily generates personalized campaigns that allow operators to boost users' data adoption and usage while optimizing data experience.

LTE is the fastest developing mobile communications technology ever. It is now the indisputable cornerstone of operators' mobile broadband strategies:

Those figures hide a geographical disparity. In particular, 4G coverage and 4G adoption in Africa will respectively be about twice and four times less compared to other regions in 2020.

Customer experience has emerged as the new barrier to mobile data adoption and usage:

  • Users patterns and behaviors: multi-SIM users' behavior, illiteracy, lack of awareness of adapted data services, inadequate data pricing vs personal patterns leading to churn...
  • Handset and network limitations impacts: LTE frequency bands fragmentation, 'one-data-bearer-network-only' multi-SIM phones, incorrect network data bearer attachment, frequent loss of data connection…

In particular, the quality of experience is of the essence: once users have adopted LTE (at a cost for the operator), the operator challenge is to retain them with a good data network quality of service.

In that context, in order to grow revenues, operators need to ensure subscribers adopting LTE-capable phones upgrade to a data subscription and benefit from a seamless 4G experience. Operators also need to ensure users with multi-SIM devices get data - and the related revenue - from them.

The Gemalto Device Management solution goes beyond remote device configuration: it also helps operators increase both data revenue and customer satisfaction.

With more than 100 platforms managing over 1 billion users worldwide, Gemalto is a trusted leader in the mobile device management market.

Rich and frequently-updated device library

Gemalto Device Management brings an unparalleled device library containing more than 175,000 references with full GSMA specification from over 2,000 manufacturers, expanded with thousands of new models each year. These frequent updates allow operators to accelerate the LTE uptake.

The knowledge of the LTE frequency bands supported by devices helps operators to tackle the complexity of the LTE band fragmentation, thus ensuring usage uptake via the promotion of the right device to the right user.

Real-time user & device analytics via Automatic Device Detection

Leveraging the Gemalto proven expertise in signaling, a full network-based Automatic Device Detection (ADD)  module is also available as an option: it brings valuable real-time users and device events analytics (e.g. presence on the network, location, device or SIM swap, roaming, connection type...). That information can trigger device-based use cases (handset configuration, real-time personalized offers generation); it can also feed other solutions addressing other business priorities (e.g. real-time SIM/eSIM activation, EIR (Equipment Identity Register) regulation, steering of roaming, M2M management, SIM OTA campaigns, VAS promotions).

Seamless automatic device configuration

As soon as the solution detects a new handset on the network, it automatically and remotely configures it with the operator settings. It avoids painful and potentially incorrect user handling and reduces the customer center calls and costs.

Personalized data-focused campaigns

Operators can target the right subscribers to push LTE device adoption campaigns and quickly modernize the subscriber devices, as well as promote LTE plans for owners of 4G-capable phones. The Device Management solution can also send loyalty offers to multi-SIM users to ensure they use the operator subscription for data.

Prevent unwanted phones from accessing the network

The anti-fraud Equipment Identity Register (EIR) supports 2G, 3G and 4G networks. This prevents lost, stolen or prohibited devices from connecting to any network type, and helps mobile operators meet increasingly stringent telecom regulations.

Enhanced Quality of Experience

Operators can collect information on data network quality from the users' phone to prioritize network improvements and offer subscribers the best data usage experience to retain them. 


For mobile operators

  • Increase 4G adoption and usage,
  • Increase data-related revenues,
  • Accelerate LTE return on investment,
  • Allows instant promotion of targeted offers based on user's profile and handset characteristics,
  • Ensure in-depth user patterns understanding,
  • Improve subscriber satisfaction and retention,
  • Reduce customer care calls and costs.

For subscribers

  • Ensure out-of-the-box LTE network connectivity,
  • Allow a smooth and simple transition to a new device,
  • Increase satisfaction,
  • Receive personalized data-focused offers.


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    Boost data usage and LTE adoption, maximize customer experience

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